By posing as real customers, mystery shoppers give you a detailed view of what goes on in your business, even when you’re not there to see it for yourself. Identifying the areas that your employees need improvement in helps you determine how to retain customers and improve your bottom line.

Mystery shopping is of growing importance in our economy with the expansion of large retail stores and growing corporations. Local businesses are working hard to compete with these larger companies. They want to satisfy their target audience and build customer relationships that can last. These businesses are relying on our mystery shoppers to observe and critique every aspect of their interaction with customers, from their employees’ ability to practice good customer service to the quality of their products and the atmosphere of their stores.

  • Getting a baseline performance review helps you easily pinpoint specific locations or training concepts that need work
  • Data is processed into easy-to-read charts and graphs that can be drilled down by location, region, demographic, topic, and more
  • You can always be sure that employees are following state and national compliance regulations, as well as the unique standards that you set for your company
  • Reviewing, listening to, and watching their own shops helps employees see for themselves the areas that can be improved
  • Streamlined mobile shops are a great option for a quick measure of a just a few components

On-Site Mystery Shopping

On-site mystery shoppers give an authentic representation of actual customer experiences

Recorded Phone Mystery Shopping

Recorded telephone mystery shops are easily replayed for training and employee development

Hidden Video Mystery Shopping

Hidden video mystery shops add a visual element to ensure you’re capturing everything you want to know

Competitive Shops

Send secret shoppers to your competitors to see how your business stacks up against the rest of the field

Our secret shoppers are required to remain confidential during their observations. Shoppers act as every other consumer, buying products they need and interacting with employees as they would normally do. Employees must not know they are being observed for customer service skills. As independent contractors, shoppers have a flexible schedule with the opportunity to accept or reject any assignment they are offered. Becoming a mystery shopper is easy and convenient. Our goal is to help businesses reach their true potential for customer satisfaction. Help us achieve this goal. You can be responsible for the next great shopping experience. Find out how to become a secret shopper in the link below.

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