Top 3 Tips for Mystery Shopper Success

Mystery shopping is easy, right? Anyone can shop, write up data into a report, and get paid. But what do the most successful mystery shoppers do?

Customer and Mystery Shopper — One and the Same

One common misperception about mystery shopping is that the shoppers providing insights somehow aren’t “real.” Companies fear that the shoppers they work with will not be representative of the shoppers they currently attract, nor those they hope to attract in the future. And it’s a fair criticism…of some mystery shopping programs.

Company Leaders: Prep Employees Before Paying Mystery Shoppers

Imagine you’re a student. You’ve been in class a few weeks—paying close attention and taking copious notes, of course—when it’s time for your first exam. You look down at the paper and you’re stunned. None of the questions are based on the course material. There’s no way you could pass with the preparation you’ve been […]

No hidden price tag: Mystery shopping Costs by the numbers

At Shoppers’ View we’re always here for a phone call and custom pricing. But we’re taking time on the blog today to share some basic, upfront estimates. If you’ve ever wondered how much it would really take to get your mystery shopping plan off the ground, this post is for you.

3 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Ad Agency

It’s a smart move to hire an ad agency for big budget projects. After all, they are experts in their field, they have the most up-to-date research, and they even get better media prices, leveraging the quantity of their placements and their industry reputation.

How to Use Mystery Shopping Data

When the Shopping is Complete… Once you implement a mystery shopping program, it’s what you do with the data that matters. If you’re working through our four easy tips for mystery shopping, add these final steps to the guide to bring your process full-circle.

How to Get Your Mystery Shopping Off the Ground

What’s stopping you? You’ve considered mystery shopping. You’ve explored your questions. You know you can’t do it on your own. So it’s time to take the first step. Here’s a foolproof guide to implementing mystery shopping into your business.