We evaluate how well your brand speaks to customers and help you keep track of your operations, both on-site and online.

  • Manager/store audits
  • Procedure/operational audits
  • Compliance audits
  • Brand audits
  • Website audits

Take a deep dive into your company’s performance, exploring through data what works for your customers and what doesn’t.

Shoppers’ View audits can take place on-site or online to monitor your in-person and digital operations, with all data delivered through our robust reporting system.

Here are just a few of the audit options Shoppers’ View offers:

  • Manager audit/store audit: Pinpoint the performance of a specific location and its staff
  • Procedure audit/operational audit: Check that standard procedures are being conducted according to policy
  • Compliance audit: Ensure that your employees are complying with local and national regulations in their everyday work
  • Brand audit: Verify that your brand is being presented consistently and according to established standards
  • Website audit: Measure elements of a company’s website such as functionality, speed, and ease of use
  • Customer service audit: Measure employee helpfulness and effectiveness in ensuring customer satisfaction

Through Shoppers’ View audits, you’ll build on your strengths and get ahead of potential problems. Take advantage of our objective status to take a critical, unbiased look at your own operations or to stealthily evaluate the tactics of your competitors. Contact our team to design a comprehensive audit suited to your needs.

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