Quality Assurance Monitoring

Stay on top of what’s really happening at your business when you’re not around.

  • Recorded phone monitoring
  • Camera monitoring

You know that your employees excelled at their training courses, and you see and hear them doing a great job whenever you’re around. But how can you be sure they’re putting all those training hours to good use every time, and on every call? Pinpoint defects and proficiencies in customer relations with quality assurance monitoring. Shoppers’ View will help you increase employee efficiency through a variety of methods including both camera and telephone monitoring to really see into your business.

  • Monitoring real calls gives an authentic idea of the customers’ experience with your business
  • Monitoring your cameras provides a visual element and ensures that you know exactly what’s going on at your locations
  • Our expert staff knows how to pull out and analyze relevant data so that you don’t have to sift through the footage yourself
  • You can be positive that your employees are following state and national compliance regulations, as well as your company standards
  • Knowing that they are being monitored encourages employees to do a great job across the board
  • Detect frequently occurring customer complaints to hone in on areas that need improvement

Keep in mind, the main purpose of quality assurance monitoring is to cultivate a company environment of learning and progression, ultimately leading to an improvement in service quality and customer satisfaction. Quality assurance monitoring can also expedite agent skill-building, training and overall development. Shoppers’ View will help your company facilitate the goal setting process and get enriched feedback on your employee’s progress.

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