The consumer shopping experience continues to change with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. Shoppers are concerned about their health and safety as they engage in retail experiences, and associates are hard pressed to quickly learn new, effective protocols to keep everyone safe.

Shoppers’ View is ready to help. We’ve adapted client programs to include protocols which address health and safety issues caused by the spread of the coronavirus. We can help to ensure that your staff is following these protocols, as well as provide feedback on the customer experience in this uncharted territory in retail shopping.

Our enhanced services will empower you to:

  • Monitor employee compliance with new health and safety measures
  • Evaluate how new protocols are executed and where there might be room for improvement
  • Access unbiased and detailed evaluations of the shopping experience
  • Provide positive feedback when appropriate and corrective direction for staff if needed

As the shopping experience evolves, so does the work we do for you at Shoppers’ View.

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