Verify compliance, customer service skills, and standard operating procedures

Use our auditors in-person or over the phone to ensure compliance to requirements of your business. 

What is an audit

Audits are commonly used to objectively examine different areas of a business.

Here are some of the audit options Shoppers’ View offers:

  • Manager audit/store audit: Measure the performance of a specific location and its staff
  • Procedure audit/operational audit: Confirm that standard procedures are being conducted according to policy
  • Compliance audit: Ensure that your employees are complying with local and national regulations
  • Brand audit: Verify that your brand is being presented consistently and according to established standards
  • Website audit: Measure elements of a website such as functionality, speed, and ease of use
  • Customer service audit: Measure employee helpfulness and effectiveness

Validating Great Customer Experiences With Real Interactions

What is quality assurance auditing?

Do you already record your own phone calls? You know that your employees excelled at their training courses, and you see and hear them doing a great job whenever you’re around. But how can you be sure they’re putting all those training hours to good use every time, and on every call? Pinpoint areas for improvement and proficiencies in customer relations with quality assurance monitoring.

  • Auditing real calls gives an authentic idea of the customers’ experience with your business
  • Our experts know how to analyze relevant data so that you don’t have to sift through the data yourself
  • You can be positive that your employees are following state and national compliance regulations, as well as your company standards
  • Detect frequently occurring customer complaints to hone in on areas that need improvement

The main purpose of quality assurance auditing is to cultivate a company environment of learning and progression, ultimately leading to an improvement in service quality and customer satisfaction. Quality assurance auditing can also expedite agent skill-building, training and overall development. Shoppers’ View will help your company facilitate the goal setting process and get enriched feedback on your employee’s progress.

Improve Your Operations

Build on your strengths and get ahead of potential problems. Take advantage of our objective status to take a critical, unbiased look at your operations. Contact our team to design a comprehensive audit plan.