Our flagship service; we’ll work with you to determine which type of mystery shopping is best suited for your company’s needs.

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Hidden Video

Take mystery shopping to the next level by having our mystery shoppers wear a secret video camera to record their shopping experience.


Our trained mystery shoppers visit your locations and provide detailed, customized reports on your customer service; streamlined mobile shops are also available.

Recorded Phone

Our secret shoppers call your business to evaluate your employees' performance over the phone.

Competitive Shops

Shoppers visit or call your competitors so you can see how your business compares; streamlined mobile shops are also available.

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Competitive Intelligence

Our expert team of competitive analysts identify the unique market opportunities and challenges facing your business in your industry.

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Quick and simple, mobile device shops are ideal when you want to measure just a few specific metrics.

  • Mystery shopping
  • Competitive shops
  • Surveys

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We evaluate how well your brand speaks to customers and help you keep track of your operations, both on-site and online.

  • Manager/store audits
  • Procedure and operational audits
  • Compliance audits
  • Brand audits
  • Website audits

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Quality Assurance Monitoring

Stay on top of what's really happening at your business when you're not around.

  • Recorded phone monitoring
  • Camera monitoring

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Shoppers' View University

Create lessons and tests for your employees to build understanding and track progress.

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

What do your customers really think? Find out straight from them with our in-depth survey options for any industry, including health care, financial services, and more. Streamlined mobile shops are also available.

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Industry Outsourcing

Has your team met their capacity for any service mentioned above? We're happy to partner with other companies to help you reach your goals. We have an expert in-house staff ready to assist you with any à la carte needs.

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