Validating Great Customer Experiences With Secret Shopping

What is mystery shopping?

Local secret shoppers pose as customers to have interactions with various types of businesses. They can audit nearly any type of interaction and provide feedback for various business needs such as training, compliance, or increased sales.

Mystery shopping or secret shopping is a valuable part of customer experience management. It's also a great way to ensure your team has all the training and tools they need to deliver excellent service. Done right, it’s an integrated approach to optimizing your company’s performance.

Types of Mystery Shopping Services

On-Site Shopping

Strategically choose locations you would like to evaluate and send shoppers to the locations to have a typical interaction.  Then they will report their experiences and give you actionable feedback.

Competitive Shopping

See your competition in action. Get a look at their daily practices, comparing them to your own, and find a leading edge in your market.


Recorded Phone Shopping

One of the best training tools for any business! Recorded calls to gather pricing or information can be used for coaching and as examples of what a great experience sounds like.

Ecommerce Mystery Shopping

Observe the ecommerce experience through a shopper’s eyes. Gather data on website functionality and responsiveness, the ordering process or live chat interactions. Use the results to improve the customer experience and increase sales.

Monitor the results of these techniques and others with a intuitive reporting tool from Shoppers’ View, which utilizes fraud protection, real-time results, customized data and more.

Build Your Mystery Shopping Package

Understand how your customers interact with your employees day-to-day. Contact us for a free mystery shopping services quote and let's build a custom mystery shopping plan to fit your specific needs.