The Importance of Responding to Online Customer Reviews

Shoppers’ View has some exciting news to share about a new service we are offering in 2020. can help your company engage and retain customers in the fast growing social media world. Our unique application can pull social media posts and report on what customers are saying about your company. Everyday we can gather […]

Using Hidden Video to Improve the Customer Experience

Today’s retailers know that every moment you have with your customer can provide you with valuable feedback on the products and services you offer, and on the experience your customers have while they’re in your store.

How to Avoid Skewed Customer Survey Data

Many of us have been asked to respond to a short survey after a shopping or dining experience. But how many of us ignore the request unless we’ve had a negative ordeal? Surveys can provide businesses with valuable feedback on many different facets of the consumer’s experience. But with constant demands on our time, only […]

How Customer Expectations Are Changing

Today’s customers are well-informed, tech-savvy, and highly experienced with shopping both traditionally and virtually. Because of this, customer expectations for the level of service are dramatically increasing.

3 Ways to Differentiate from the Competition

While customers may sometimes shop based on price, high-quality customer service creates loyalty. With some establishments having lower foot traffic, businesses will lower prices to bring people into the store. However, the prices are not the only thing a customer looks at when making a purchase.

Top 3 Tips for Mystery Shopper Success

Mystery shopping is easy, right? Anyone can shop, write up data into a report, and get paid. But what do the most successful mystery shoppers do?

How Mystery Shopping Leads to Satisfied Customers

Did you know that when customers are unhappy with their shopping experience, there’s a 91% chance they won’t do business with you again? And according to that same article in Inc. Magazine, when a customer is dissatisfied, that customer tells 9 to 15 people about their bad experience with your company.

Mystery Shopping check Fraud

While Shoppers’ View is a legitimate mystery shopping company, we have been targeted in a fake check scam. Unfortunately, mystery shopping scams are common as pointed out in this USA Today article. Unsuspecting people all over the United States have been receiving suspicious letters in the mail along with a fake check.

Brand Management in the Banking Industry

If you’re in the banking or credit union industry, you know you’re in a business that is rapidly investing in technology and strategic recruitment techniques. In the midst of keeping up with technology and outreach, the best way to boost your brand may be a bit more old-fashioned than the fads. For true success, you can bank on the […]

Case Study: Early Membership Evaluation at the YMCA

Shoppers’ View recently worked with the YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids to create and implement a mystery shopping program focused on new member experiences. Welcoming new members is a crucial focus area for a wellness community like the YMCA. This case study offers a behind-the-scenes look at this program and its results—including customer service training […]