Competitive Intelligence

Our expert team of competitive analysts identify the unique market opportunities and challenges facing your business in your industry.

When it’s time to make an impact in your industry, whether you’re a startup or a longstanding national leader, competitive intelligence offers insights into key growth opportunities.

As a subset of business intelligence, competitive intelligence allows you to peer into your competitor’s strategy (without the risk and resources of snooping yourself) and see how you can rise to the occasion and win in the marketplace.

Use the robust reporting system offered by Shoppers’ View to garner competitive intelligence:

  • Compare product offerings
  • Scope out pricing models
  • Discover key messaging points of your competitors
  • Find unsaturated market areas
  • Follow—and make your own mark on—industry trends

What’s being left on the table in your field? Competitive analysts at Shoppers’ View will walk with you to measure market gaps you can take advantage of and decipher emerging industry challenges you can overcome.

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