Mystery Shopping

Our flagship service; we’ll work with you to determine which type of mystery shopping is best suited for your company’s needs.

Customer experience strategy, sometimes known as mystery shopping, is not just about delivering undercover customers. Done right, it’s an integrated approach to optimizing your company’s performance. Customer experience strategy is not new; it’s a trusted, age old concept. But it’s also being constantly refined at Shoppers’ View through innovation, driven by metrics.

What does customer experience strategy look like?

Hidden Video

Deploy an army of video shoppers who will use discreet recording equipment to capture their experiences.

On-site Shopping

Unleash a team of shoppers to complete mystery shops on-location. Together we will strategically choose locations you would like to evaluate, sending shoppers to those places to report their findings.

Recorded Phone Calls

Let our shoppers give your company a call, and you can listen in! Review recordings to be sure that all benchmarks are being met for customer service, sales, and they are providing customers with accurate information.

Competitive Shops

See your competition in action. Get a look at their daily practices, comparing them to your own, and find a leading edge in your market.

Monitor the results of these techniques and others with a intuitive reporting tool from Shoppers’ View, which utilizes fraud protection, real-time results, customized data and more.

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