Quick and simple, mobile device shops are ideal when you want to measure just a few specific metrics.

  • Mystery shopping
  • Competitive shops
  • Surveys

Sometimes you just need a few key data points from customers, and you need them quickly. Mobile mystery shopping or ‘quick hits’ can be your company’s solution.

Use our easy scheduling tool to plan shops when you need them. You’ll get real-time data from mystery shoppers, and empower your team to adjust on-the-fly to what the data is telling you.

Here’s how it works:

  • You choose the locations and criteria to measure
  • We send mystery shoppers to your locations for a simple task
  • Shoppers record their experiences through a simple, mobile form
  • You get the data in your hands the same day through your dashboard

Our reporting system is built to give you real-time results in a format that is easy to understand and customizable for your team’s needs.

Mobile mystery shopping with Shoppers’ View can give you an upper hand in quickly changing markets, identifying important trends now—and over time.

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