Did you know your existing customer satisfaction survey campaign may not actually be tracking your customer service and satisfaction? Here are some surprising statistics that show you may not be getting the real story on your customers’ overall experience.

According to a Harris Interactive 2011 Customer Experience Improvement study, a typical business will only hear from roughly 4% of its dissatisfied customers. What about that other 96% of disappointed customers? They’re not satisfied and they’re not telling you. Those customers are not likely to come back. And you don’t even know this is going on in order to resolve the problem. You’re out of luck, right? Well, if you leave everything the way it is, then yes. But what if you did know? What if you could resolve the problem?

By using a mystery shopping program, you are guaranteed to receive feedback from the evaluator that is sent into your business to shop. If the secret shopper has a bad experience, it is guaranteed you will find out. Since 100% of the mystery shoppers sent into your business will be giving you a report, you can get a better understanding of what the overall customer experience is about. Also, unlike a simple customer satisfaction survey, mystery shoppers are specialized and will look for specific key factors that impact customer service and provide detailed feedback on how to improve if the experience was not satisfactory. So, while a real dissatisfied customer might not have vocalized their experience with you, a mystery shopper will always provide an accurate report. This feedback gives you the opportunity to see what’s not working and make appropriate changes in order to avoid future negative experiences. Employing a strategic mix of mystery shopping, customer satisfaction surveys, and customer service training will provide the most well-rounded and complete customer feedback program for your business.

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