Customer service (or lack thereof) can make or break sales every day. That’s why we’re giving you this rundown of the seven secrets of customer service. Use it as a cheat sheet for your sales team, a training checklist for managers, or a practical to-do list for your colleagues today.

  1. Be thankful. It’s best to be thankful continuously, but it is especially important in your greeting and closing. Bookending your conversation with gratitude will demonstrate your appreciation for the customer’s business.
  2. Smile. Smiling will create a positive first impression. Are you connecting with customers via webchat? Choose positive, upbeat language, and consider using emojis if appropriate.
  3. Practice active listening. Nod your head if you are talking to the customer in-person. Be sure to re-state your customer’s concerns and validate their feelings.
  4. Ask questions to determine needs. By inquiring about the customer’s desires (and barriers to buying), you will be able to determine the best product to recommend.
  5. Offer a solution or service to meet those needs. Promote the value in your product or service by highlighting features, always being sure to connect those features to their benefits for the customer.
  6. Ask if the customer has questions to ensure that you’ve addressed all of their needs and concerns. This practice can seem tedious, but it can make all the difference. You likely won’t make the sale until you’ve addressed all of the customer’s concerns.
  7. Always be friendly and helpful. When you’re tired, when you’re worn out, or when you’re answering a question for the tenth time that day, refocus. You’ll be the best you can be at your job when you are amiable and responsive to your customer’s needs.

If you value customer service, and if you are looking to move the needle on your team’s performance, ask about the Shoppers’ View scorecard, which is customizable to measure these and other aspects of excellence in customer service.

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