7 things everything this week

When it comes to smart business methods, you’ll want to pay attention to keeping your customers happy. That’s because acquiring a new customer is not four, not five, but six to seven times more costly than customer retention (Salesforce).

While customer service can seem intangible at best, there are quantifiable aspects of customer service that can be easily measured. Here’s a quick list of the customer service must-haves we released two weeks ago:

  1. Thankfulness
  2. Smiling
  3. Active listening
  4. Asking questions
  5. Offering a solution
  6. Soliciting questions
  7. A willingness to help

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These criteria aren’t only the keys to customer service success, they’re also the most common customer service items that Shoppers’ View is asked to measure. Through these checkpoints, our clients are getting the competitive edge on customer service. Are you?

If you’re ready to see how your own customer service measures up, establish a scorecard with us, starting with these seven common criteriaor some of your own!