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In the marketplace, you’re designing for humans. Humans who respond to certain colors for different reasons, who intuitively click on sections of your page more than others, who make snap judgments in less than a second.

When you’re designing your website, why not ask a human what they think?

Sure, the web gurus on your team may pass around a test URL and ask for feedback. And while that kind of crowdsourcing comes from the right vein of thinking, web developers must go further to effectively design for user experience (UX).

Because, at the root, web design comes down to your audience.

What if you could get your feedback from exactly the demographic you’re trying to reach?

Female college students in Madison, Wisconsin, for example, who rent an apartment. Retirees in southern Florida who enjoy golf and own their own home. Owners of two or more dogs in northern California.

However you define your audience persona, you can reach them.

Develop your own web focus group, without ever leaving your office. Contact Shoppers’ View
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