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Mystery shopping is easy, right? Anyone can shop, write up data into a report, and get paid. But what do the most successful mystery shoppers do?

Do they get paid more? Probably. But it’s much more than just getting paid. It’s about the quality of their work. The best mystery shoppers put thought and care into their shopping experiences because they want to help and they value good customer service. In turn, the business receives a quality report that can make an enormous difference in customer and team satisfaction.

Use the list below to learn what the most successful mystery shoppers do, without fail, to give customers the best future experience.

1. Communicate Like a Pro

Top mystery shoppers communicate quickly and efficiently with the business. This way, the business knows what to expect from their mystery shopper. Shoppers should be skilled at written communication and mindful of due dates.

Shoppers should have the ability to contact the business with any questions before they get started, as well as while they write up their report. Open communication helps to make sure there are no scheduling conflicts or confusion about the expectations.

2. Stay Organized

Staying organized is the key to creating the best experience for the business and increasing the likelihood that the mystery shopper will be asked back for a future mystery shop. Pay attention to details during the shop, take good mental notes, and provide as much information as possible.

Create a schedule for the shop, save receipts, and take photos. Create a folder in Google Drive or Dropbox for each mystery shop, and use a spreadsheet or project management software to keep dates, times, files, images, and contact information all in one place.

3. Shop with Honesty and Integrity

Shoppers are responsible for accurately reporting the facts about an interaction they’ve had at a business. The feedback provided will be used to further train the team members and it is important that it is factual.

By putting the time in and letting the business know the good and the bad about the mystery shopping experience, the business will have an opportunity to turn negative experiences around. Mystery shoppers should be committed to the job that they agreed to perform, and they should do it to the best of their ability.

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