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Generate prospects. Develop your leads. Close the deal. Welcome them back.

It’s a great cycle…when it works.

But what happens when a client doesn’t return to an ad agency? After you’ve gone the extra mile in market research and made impeccable placements, you’re right to expect client retention. But there’s something insidious that can be working against you, even with your best advertising plan in place—your client’s own customer service.

Remember, your advertising strategy brings customers to the top of the funnel. But your client’s company has to seal the deal. Without their competence in sales or hospitality, your ad spend will be nullified. And the client will mistakenly look at you. But they’ll look at you nonetheless.

You’ll face all of the blame and lose all of the returns. Unless you safeguard your strategy.

mystery shopping cycle for advertisingBy including mystery shopping in your advertising proposals, you ensure that your clients have success—and don’t get in their own way. Mystery shopping gives you reporting that can hone your client’s ability to make the sale. The refining results of mystery shopping speak for themselves, and your clients (reaping the sales benefits) will not only return to you, but spread the word.

Secure your cycle by adding mystery shopping to the mix, and surprise your clients with an edge they may not be getting from your competitors. Contact Shoppers’ View today to get the conversation started.