2017 wood sign

As 2016 comes to a close, start looking forward to the trends of 2017. It’s going to be a year rich in measurement on both sides of the counter, with employees and customers impacting the data that drives businesses. 

Employee Data at your Fingertips

Historically, employees feel like they are all in the same boat, moving toward a common goal and sinking or swimming together. While the mindset is still key for corporate success, look for a trend of zeroing in on individual employee success. The more data is available, the more individual employees will be held accountable for their contributions (or hindrances) to workplace goals. And in 2017, expect much of that data to come right from the customer.

Catering to the Customer

Tailored and attentive customer service will be key in the coming year. For better or for worse, our world is becoming increasingly accustomed to catered responses, customized solutions, and even targeted marketing materials. With customized ads, businesses benefit greatly by targeting the customers we want. On the flip side, we need to be ready to respond with personalized attention when a customer expresses their needs. To this end, customer surveys can be tailored in nearly any way, offering data to reveal new insights about certain store locations, product types, or even specific salespeople, and how they are measuring up in regards to customer needs.

Increased Digital Support

In-person shopping is still alive and well, but the digital storefrontfor both B2C and B2B industriesis booming. Expect businesses in 2017 to redouble their efforts for digital support. Think digital chat services with round the clock hours or, for lower budget customer service, a more advanced suite of pre-set Q&As for customer assistance.

Where does your company stand in light of emerging trends? Do you have the survey data you need to analyze your employee performance and customer satisfaction? Is your website and/or chat service robust enough to meet the needs of your customers and keep up with competitors? Do a deep dive into your operations to get ready for 2017 before your competitors start looking to the future.