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At Shoppers’ View, we’re often asked about our clients. Who have we worked with, and how have we made an impact? One of the many stories we can tell is of our partnership with Instant Cash Advance Corporation, a company that has maximized our Shoppers’ View University platform.

Meet Instant Cash

Instant Cash Advance Corporation prides itself on being Michigan’s premier provider of cash advances and payday loans, serving their customers with the resources they need to gain short-term financial assistance without a long term obligation.

A Tall Task

Instant Cash is a leader in its region…and for good reason. Besides superb customer service, the corporation is meticulous about complying to federal standards and industry best practices.

When it comes to compliance, Instant Cash has always been known to strive for excellence. But in a field of changing regulations, how would the company train (and re-train) employees?

Innovative Problem-Solving

To solve the problem, the Instant Cash team turned to Shoppers’ View, a proven partner in customer success. “Shoppers’ View and Instant Cash Advance Corporation have a long history and have completed many projects together,” says Instant Cash’s Steve Schuster.

Shoppers’ View came alongside the cash advance leader with its own innovative leadership, developing the now longstanding Shoppers’ View University (SVU) for its inaugural client. “The university was a first for us and Shoppers’ View,” says Schuster.

SVU is a comprehensive employee training platform, preparing staff to be equipped and motivated for service. And for Instant Cash, it took the stress out of compliance training.

Schuster still uses SVU with his team to this day: “It provides us instant updating to keep us current with state and federal CFPB compliance standards.”

And he’s seen firsthand the responsive team behind the university: “The Shoppers’ View team was very easy to work with, and they take immediate action to help us stay in line with all phases of training, compliance and retaining documentation with all of our programs.”

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