phone lit by lamp

If you’re not convinced that phone calls matter to your business, check out our recent post, Can Answering the Phone the Right Way Earn You $$$?

If you’re already thinking about upping your company’s phone game, read on. These five work hacks will get you off and running in the right direction.

1. Get your greeting right.
How you greet your customer (or potential customer) matters immensely. Train your employees in a standard greeting that welcomes the caller and brings energy to the conversation. 

2. Call your customer by name.
Whenever possible, add a personal touch by addressing the caller by name. This means you’ll have to request their name early in the conversation, and use it often to add a conversational feel.

3. Map your messaging.
Go ahead, make a flow chart. You’ll want to be prepared for strategic sales opportunities, as well as clear and compassionate responses for complaint calls. Having everything mapped out will leave little to chance.

4. Practice empathy.
Remember, your caller is a person just like you. Address their concerns and try to find the best product, service, or solution for their expressed needs. Even if you can’t help them, be kind and considerate. You never know where a positive interaction could lead down the road.

5. Close the sale, or at least the call.
Closing well is key. If you have made a sale, secured a registration, or scheduled an appointment, you’re golden. But, if the caller needs more time to think on their decision, don’t let your enthusiasm wane. Even as you say goodbye, show your appreciation and gratitude. It may make the difference that will bring your customer back at a later time.

How will you know that your employees answering the phone are adhering to these best practices? Shoppers’ View specializes in helping you monitor your phone strategies for long-term success. Get started »