phone under lamp

Here’s a secret: One of our clients, on average, makes $800 per phone call. Yes, that’s $800 attributed to one phone conversation. How do they do it?

For this particular client, we’ve calculated that if someone’s incoming call is handled properly on their first contact to their company, it equates to eight Benjamins in the bank.

We know there are stats like this for nearly every company, in virtually every industry. Here’s the bottom line: If your referrals are being welcomed and relayed properly, it’s a game changer. 

Here’s why it works.

1. You have a captive audience.
The customer called you. All that advertising and marketing money you spent trying to get here has paid off. It’s now your turn to keep the conversation going, engage the customer, and anticipate their needs. You’ve never had a more captive audience. Will you take a passive approach and just answer their questions, or will you proactively promote your product or service in a way that gets the caller excited to be a part of it?

2. People want to save time.
Let’s face it, we’re all pressed for time. Does your customer really want to shop around? If you can give them the answers they need with a high level of customer service, they just might skip the second (or third) quote. And even if they do shop around, you’ll have made the positive impression they need to circle back.

3. You never know where a lead might take you.
When the phone rings, think opportunity. Your largest sale could come from a customer’s cold call. Don’t you want to be ready?

Prepare your team today with a unique training suite of materials and the chance to send mystery callers to your company’s phone number. Contact us today to set up a personalized plan.