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26 to 1. It’s a ratio you’ll want to pay attention to.

According to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, 26 customers will stay silent about their concerns while just one complains. That means you’re likely losing customers who never reach out to you for a conversation. Instead they may simply move on…to your competitors.

If only you could talk to those 26 people, you might have an idea of what is preventing your company’s growth and then take the opportunity to retool your practices. But instead you’re stuck with one isolated complaint that may or may not be reflective of your customers’ overall experience.

Great news! We’ve got 26 people (or more) you’ll want to hear from. They’re mystery shoppers, and they’ll help you fine tune your strategy before your customers flee.

By employing customer experience strategy, also known as mystery shopping, you will receive real and relevant customer feedback about your business. This will allow you to identify your company’s strengths, but also to identify crucial gaps in your customer service.

Here are three key advantages of customer experience strategy:

It’s customizable.
If you suspect challenges in a certain area, you can target a mystery shopping plan to your needs. Mystery shoppers will take a survey tailored to your strategic goals, not a generic data set. When it comes to relevant information, one size really doesn’t fit all.

It’s comprehensive.
Every one of the mystery shoppers sent into your business will be giving you a report so, through multiple accounts, you will receive a well-rounded and accurate understanding of your customers’ experience.

It’s a short-term fix and a long-term strategy.
Mystery shopping feedback gives you the opportunity to see what’s working and what’s not working right now in order to make necessary changes. Once you make these changes, you can revisit mystery shopping over and over again to keep a pulse on what your customers need next.

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