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As a thought leader in the online shipping space, Shoppers’ View has been using our dynamic reporting system and trained mystery shoppers to:

  • Order products online
  • Track delivery
  • Leave details on packaging
  • Initiate and complete a return

Your start-to-finish ordering and shipping process can be just as crucial to customer retention as the product itself. That’s why we’re currently researching the shipping journey for companies to help them optimize their processes.

This research and monitoring is essential whether you use third-party logistics or manage your shipping in-house.

Do you want an opportunity to get real answers to the following questions for your business?

  • What is your order-to-shipping time?
  • Are your packages received within the estimated arrival window?
  • Is your packaging economical and effective?
  • How is the package personalized for your customer?

You won’t have to take our word for the responses, either. That’s because our mystery shoppers upload screenshots and photos to our reporting system as supporting documentation.

When it comes to tracking your shipping process, seeing really is believing.

Let’s discuss your challenges and quality assurance in the shipping process to keep your customers revisiting your online storefront, again and again.