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Is your mystery shopping fueling your employees’ passion or creating paranoia?

Too often employees feel that stealth evaluation techniques like mystery shopping are used to punish them or to catch them at their worst. However, mystery shopping, when used effectively, helps employees to perform at their best.

Remember, as humans we crave validation and recognition—it’s natural. The simple, everyday tasks we do, if left unnoticed, can become mundane. Without a witness and without thanks, we can begin to cut corners, thinking no one really cares.

But recognizing the success of our employees, and acknowledging greatness at an unexpected date and time through mystery shopping, can be incredi
bly edifying.

The greeter may smile at incoming customers because it gives her joy. The waiter may recite the restaurant’s specials because of his loyalty to the business. But the extra recognition sustains this kind of excellence from your employees. And this kind of encouragement strengthens their resolve even on the bad days.

And, when your team’s mystery shopping results don’t show what you hoped for, build incentive systems that help employees to improve and follow best practices. Let each employee know that their work does not go unnoticed. In this way, you’ll invest in their professional development so that they—and your business—can grow and succeed.