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The terms “mystery shopping” and “customer experience” might be confusing. But, if you use your everyday life as an example, you’ll start realizing that the mystery shopping and customer experience services offered by Shoppers’ View can apply to nearly any business situation.

A Day with Mystery Shopping

Start your day with a coffee. The barista hears you enter the shop and offers a hearty welcome, even while stirring someone’s mocha across the room.

Onto the gas station. When you pull in to fill your tank, you see both the station sign and the computer screen at the pump advertising today’s special: buy three energy drinks and get the fourth free.

Head into work. Entering your office building, the lobby is clean, the receptionist is present and even the first aid kit is stocked.

On your break, you shop online. You find your desired items, chat with a customer service agent, and get a confirmation email after checkout. 

All of these experiences were brought to you by strategic customer experience systems that were working as planned. 

The barista followed the guidelines for a personal greeting, the gas station management posted current promotional messaging, your colleagues ensured that your workplace is safe and presentable, and the online shopping website worked to deliver the results you needed, offer a personal chat agent, and send a confirmation email after your purchase was complete.

Imagine the hundreds of little things that happen everyday to enhance your customer experience. But without surveys, they may have never been identified as key strategies. And without the accountability of regular audits, they may cease to occur.

The suite of services offered by Shoppers’ View helps to ensure that strategic decisions result in effective and sustained action. Ready to measure hundreds of little things without ever leaving your office? Get started with a custom quote today.