gill grand opening

Shoppers’ View has had the privilege of partnering with hundreds of clients nationwide since opening over 20 years ago. Today on the blog we feature Gill Staffing, a team that has used Shoppers’ View customer satisfaction surveys to their advantage.

Gill Staffing employees stand together for the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the firm’s Holland, MI office.

Meet Gill Staffing

Gill Staffing is a Michigan-based employment solution, partnering with job-seeking professionals and providing highly qualified staff to businesses.

The Need to Measure

Due to the nature of their work and longstanding commitment to service, Gill Staffing is constantly striving to serve both their job-seeking customers and corporate clients with excellence. At Gill Staffing we pride ourselves on ultimate employee and customer satisfaction,” says Senior Staffing Specialist Nikki Riebel.

With this attitude, Gill Staffing was poised to rise above the competition, if only the team had the right tools for measuring customer satisfaction. Enter: Shoppers’ View.

Ensuring Employee Satisfaction

“We chose to utilize the mystery shopping program in an effort to collect feedback from as many of our employees as possible who are placed in various positions at various companies across West Michigan,” Riebel shares. “The mystery shopping program has allowed us to ensure that our employees experience with Gill Staffing remains a positive experience which guarantees a long term working relationship with employees.”

Riebel, who partners with Shoppers’ View to this day, says the strategy has worked: “Through the results received by the mystery shopping program we are able to enhance our internal procedures and stay on the cutting edge of the industry to ensure we are utilizing the most efficient and timely processes for both our employees and our customers. It also allows us to provide our internal staff with the best training possible so that they may provide positive experiences to our employees on a daily basis.”

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