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In the last blog post we discussed our reporting capabilities regarding mystery shopping programs. It is very important that the data being presented is organized and easily analyzed to make an impact on your organization.

What happens next? When we find issues, what is the best way to handle them? What if there are some training gaps with your front line? One option is to push the information down to the regional or area managers and hope that everyone gets retrained, but that might require some extra bandwidth. Another solution that has become very popular in the education space, not surprisingly, is the use of an online University.

Shoppers’ View University:

Shoppers’ View is partnered with an industry leader in online learning for its university. The ‘Kickstand’ platform was built to support various state and federal training programs, from teaching the teachers to K through 12 learners. It is also starting to become popular in the private sector, including with us. The tool is very useful for initial learning and testing, or for retraining as you uncover problems. Each client who uses the university has custom courses and training materials developed by them, so the material being covered is always relevant to your business and your needs.

To learn more:

If you would like to receive a demonstration of Shoppers’ View University, we would be happy to show you how it works and discuss pricing. Click the link below and someone from our managment team will get in touch with you right away.