Shoppers' View Reporting Video

One of the most important parts of a successful mystery shopping program is how the data is presented and analyzed. The data we collect for our clients is the main takeaway, the information can be as valuable a year from now as it is today. You can watch your trends year over year, or region by region and each executive of your company probably has a different piece of data that they would like to track.

Shoppers’ View is proud to have two very robust tools to help support your business. Our reporting dashboard is powered by Sassie, a well-known and respected software platform for our type of market research. We made an explainer video to give you an up close walk-through:

What happens next? Once your customer service data is uncovered, you need to do something to train your team in order to keep you competitive. We will post more about Shoppers’ View University, the other important piece of software that we use with our clients, in the coming weeks.


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