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What makes a mystery shopping campaign “sticky”—bringing tangible results to your company through methods that have staying power? It’s simple, but it’s also easy to miss. Your mystery shopping program has to be a great fit with your corporation: your culture, your people, your values, your brand.

From your program set-up to post-program strategy, your mystery shopping campaign needs to look and feel like your own. Because at the end of the day, it’s an initiative designed to work for you and your customers.

When it comes to creating your campaign, you’ll want it to work seamlessly with who you are as an organization. Here are questions to consider when charting your mystery shopping course.

Does this strategy fit with our brand and our story? 
Stay true to your company’s story. For example, a mystery shopping program built around evaluating customer luxury and comfort might not be important for an organization touted for being the market’s economical, no-frills option. Remember, you’re looking to secure and expand customers who are drawn to your unique brand.

Is it marketable externally? 

Here’s something many companies miss: Mystery shopping can be a marketable talking point. Did you create a new product based on customer surveys? Note that process on your packaging. Did you fill a gap in the market by analyzing competitor intelligence? Share that story in an ad. Did you discover a key differentiating strength of your company that you can now highlight? Make yourself known for that strength.

How will we communicate the program internally?
Keep your employees apprised of your mystery program and its progress. The more transparent you can be about your goals and your outcomes, the more likely employees will work to ensure the program’s success.

Will key stakeholders buy in?
It is important for you to get those in positions of influence excited early and often about your mystery shopping strategy. Piggyback on your general communication by going before specific power players with mystery shopping information. The more successful you are at securing an audience with key influencers throughout the mystery shopping process, the more likely your program will run its course and provide optimal results.
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