gold medal

With the summer games in Rio, everyone is ready to feel like a champion. Whether or not you’re fast on the track or in the pool, it’s time you become a victor on your corporate team.

This summer, take advantage of these simple tips to take the gold at work:

  1. Put in your time. Summer is a season when employees are in and out for vacation, skipping out for early Fridays, or working remotely to
    answer emails by the pool. It’s ok to take the time you’ve earned, but when you
    are at the office, be fully present. Go the extra mile, get face time with your boss, and go full force all summer long. By fall, your progress will be ramping up when others are just laying the groundwork.
  2. Use down time to innovate. If there are lulls in the summer, whether it’s due to an off-season for the business, or you’re just peppered with out-of-the-office responses and waiting for real replies, use your newfound down time to create opportunities. Step outside the box, looking for creative solutions to your biggest challenges. You’ll think more freely and creatively without the tyranny of the urgent weighing on your shoulders.
  3. Get user/client/customer feedback. Start your preparation for fall out right by getting feedback from your users and customers. Tap into a variety of ways to measure customer experienceincluding mystery shoppingand determine what your customers are looking for.
  4. Set goals. With the right data collected from your customers, you’ll be able to set new goals for your company. These aspirations should both meet customer needs and increase your sales possibilities.
  5. Develop a plan. This is where you’ll lay out the nuts and bolts of the work ahead. When your colleagues are on vacation, you’ll be finding a practical pathway for success, and reaping the rewards in just a few months.  

To recap: put in your time, choose innovation over stagnation, and do your homework with customers to set goals and a plan to reach them.

We’d say that’s gold medal work, and your partners at work will too.