business man with camera

Today’s retailers know that every moment you have with your customer can provide you with valuable feedback on the products and services you offer, and on the experience your customers have while they’re in your store.

Many stores today have some type of video infrastructure in place, typically more for security. However, some companies are using hidden videos to help improve customer service.

You know that you’ve trained your staff to do their job and handle customers in the right manner. However, are they doing what you trained them to do? And is what you taught them working?

Leveraging Hidden Video

By watching videos of your staff interacting with your customers, you’ll be able to see first-hand if your staff is putting their training to work.

Are customers wandering around aimlessly looking for help? Or is there someone that is immediately available to them to answer their questions?

What if you could alert a nearby staff member to help a customer who seems to be looking for help?

Make sure products are well organized, and the price is easily found. If a customer has to ask, “how much is this,” you will introduce friction into the potential sales transaction.

Are there new ways to engage with your customers? Watch the videos for patterns in actions and behaviors as customers come into your store.

It’s possible that you can increase your company’s revenue by simply making a few tweaks with customer service and merchandising to create a much better experience for your customers.

From Your Customer’s Perspective

Video can help you look at your product or service offering from your customer’s perspective.

Can your customers find what they need right away? Or is your merchandising disorganized?

Do customers have to ask for help to find what they need? Or are they happily finding everything exactly where they expect?

Customers expect to see quality products in a clean and neat environment. Employees need to monitor the store and walk through regularly to make sure that everything is up to expected standards.

And don’t forget about the bathroom. A customer should never walk into an unclean bathroom as it will reflect poorly on your company’s brand.

Going Above and Beyond

What stands out most to customers today is when a business goes out of its way to do something unexpected for a customer. By watching a video of your customers while they are shopping and your staff’s interactions, you’ll come to understand what customers expect while shopping in your store.

But think about what you can learn from watching a number of these shopping experiences and what your store can do to not only meet customer expectations but exceed those expectations.

Maybe a staff member shows the customer how to use a familiar product in a new way. Or your staff member shows the customer a new product that solves a briefly mentioned problem.

Using hidden video to watch your customers and employees will help you learn from both your successes and failures.

See what your company is doing right. Then address what else can be done to better engage your customers.

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