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One common misperception about mystery shopping is that the shoppers providing insights somehow aren’t “real.”

Companies fear that the shoppers they work with will not be representative of the shoppers they currently attract, nor those they hope to attract in the future.

And it’s a fair criticism…of some mystery shopping programs.

Not so with Shoppers’ View.

We’ll help you build your customer profile, and our shoppers will be tailored to that profile. So, what kind of profile do you want to build?

The Customer You Have
Build a profile based on your current demographics.

We’ll help you dig into the data you have on your customers, and help you get what you don’t. If you’re selling to 18-year-olds, we won’t accept 30-somethings for your research. We are laser-focused on your market, and we don’t waste your time by polling other shoppers along the way.   

The Customer You Want
Learn how to hook the ideal customer.
Who is that potential customer you want to reach? Maybe it’s someone within 25 miles of your flower shop, maybe it’s a viewer of a certain television show, or perhaps it’s a graduate of a certain school. We’ll use sophisticated targeting to reach these dream customers and ask them to provide insights as mystery shoppers. Bonus: You can gain free brand exposure in your desired market through this method. 

Key and Exploratory Markets
Go out on a limb. See if it works.
Are you hoping to reach a new or emerging market, but you’re not sure how your product or service will perform? Float some questions out to a targeted demographic, and save time and money by knowing your new territory before expanding your business. 

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