mystery shopper cycle

At Shoppers’ View we’re always here for a phone call and custom pricing. But we’re taking time on the blog today to share some basic, upfront estimates. If you’ve ever wondered how much it would really take to get your mystery shopping plan off the ground, this post is for you.

Check out three of our top services and their standard pricing:

  • Phone Mystery Shop: $25

    Let a shopper from your average customer demographic call your business with a simple and common scenario. For example, a roofing company may ask for a 3–5 minute phone shop to discuss the pricing options for a commercial roof. After the caller hangs up, our industry trained evaluators will listen to the call and provide detailed training feedback—all based on evaluation criteria tailored to your needs.

  • On-Site Mystery Shop: $99mystery shopping cycle

    Invite a shopper on-site for a visit, averaging 10–15 minutes long. Such a visit could be as simple as approaching a bank and asking about opening a checking account. Gaining insights from that shopper’s visit, expert evaluators will provide training feedback to the business, once again based on your desired criteria.

  • Insta-Shop: $35

    Looking for gut reactions? Opt for an insta-shop. A mystery shopper will stop by for a physical or virtual visit of 5 minutes or less for a quick conversation or a small purchase, such as a cup of coffee. You’ll receive their reactions via a short, ten-questions-or-less survey which gets in your hands immediately. There is little customization in this option, but results are quick and valuable when you’re gauging your organization’s first impression.

Note that most mystery shopping projects require a set-up fee from $300–$500 at the outset. Stay tuned next week to see all that’s included in this start-up plan.