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Now that you know how affordable mystery shops can be, let’s take a closer look at set-up fees and how they benefit your company.

Here’s what your set-up fee (generally between $300 and $500 with Shoppers’ View) can buy your company:

  1. Common ground
    At the beginning of a mystery shopping project, we’ll touch base with you, ask the right questions, and listen to your needs. Together we will discuss everything from your average customer demographic to your most common customer scenarios, and from customized scoring criteria to requested deliverables.
  2. Score sheet formulation 
    Once you decide on scoring criteria, our experts will enter your score sheet into our online system, so you’re armed and ready to start collecting the data you desire.
  3. Mapping strategic locations
    Your set-up fee includes a discussion about the best locations to shop. These key places will be entered into our system so that your results are tied to specific locations.
  4. Giving you the keys 
    Once the reporting system is up and ready to go, you’ll determine which employees have access at various levels of administration.
  5. Training to make YOU an expert
    You’ve never worked a shopping reporting system? No worries. We have, and we’ll walk you through the best practices of our easy-to-use platform.
  6. The human-power needed to shop
    We can and we will find the shoppers you’re after. If necessary, we’ll advertise for shoppers in your target demographic, or we’ll pull from our existing database.

All of the above. One set-up price tag.

For just a few hundred dollars, you’ve got a solid foundation for mystery shopping. Remember, there are no hidden fees. Just affordable, scalable solutions for your company’s success.