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Mystery shopping has long been a go-to practice in service industries like hospitality and retail. But today we’ll look at several additional high-dollar industries where the results of mystery shopping can mean customer loyalty for life.

Evaluating customer service in the beginning stages of a conversation can make all the difference for a successful long-term partnership. The little things, over time, can raise a middle-of-the-road business to an industry leader.

As promised last week, it’s time to take a look at unexpected industries where mystery shopping can bring ROI in the form of lifelong customers.

1. Cell Phone Providers
There are two kinds of service that have the power to break a cell phone contract: poor cellular service or, after the inconvenience strikes, poor customer service. It’s equally important to make sure that your towers are effective as it is to confirm that your service staff are friendly and helpful. Mystery shopping allows you to check in with your customers to see if they can hear you now and if they like what they’re hearing.

2. Cable Television
Are your packages sufficient? Is your pricing comparable to that of your competitors? You’ll need both customer survey data and competitive intelligence to answer the very questions that matter to your customers, and to keep them tuning in for the long haul.

3. Insurance
Sometimes insurance agents can’t get a handle on the right balance for communicating with clients. The well intentioned hands-off approach could actually mean losing business (out of sight, out of mind!). When your insurance holder switches agencies, it’s already too late. With mystery shopping, you’ll check the temperature on your customer base before they go lukewarm.

Ready to learn about four more industries where mystery shopping is a must? Stay tuned to the blog. If you’re a leader in one of the three industries mentioned, or if you’re curious about how a similar strategy can be personalized for your business, explore the suite of Shoppers’ View services today.

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