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This is the second part of a two-part post on industries that need mystery shopping. If you’ve landed here, be sure to check out Part 1 first.

Consistent and sustainable practices, like those outlined in The Game of Inches by Nigel Collin, create long-term partnerships between businesses and clients. That’s why mystery shopping, which helps you improve customer service early on, is important for your sustained sales.

Interested in four more key industries that maximize their impact through mystery shopping services? Let’s jump right back in:

  1. Self-Storage
    Do your options compare to that of nearby facilities? What distinctives are your competitors advertising? As a self-storage business, you’ll want to send out mystery shoppers to the leaders in your area and find out what they’re doing right. Then, improve on these offerings yourself.
  2. Automotive
    From sales to service, the automotive industry is about price, convenience, and luxury. Don’t miss an opportunity to wow a customer in the little things. Auditing your everyday practices and holding employees accountable to high standards can ensure customer satisfaction in the long run.
  3. Senior Living
    Here’s an industry where a lot of influencers work together to close a sale and maintain loyalty. You need to please the client and their sphere of influence—family and friends. Mystery shopping ensures that your practices and policies are truly satisfying to key decision makers.
  4. Banking
    Banking, financing, mortgages. The world of money needs constant evaluation. Your competitors are plenty and your success depends on how satisfied your stakeholders are. Surveys, audits, and other mystery shopping techniques give you an edge in your market.

Be an Industry Leader
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