DIY Mystery Shopping Isn’t For Everyone

For some professionals, the most expensive DIY project they’ll take on isn’t a kitchen renovation or a backyard makeover. It’s trying to coordinate mystery shopping without outside help.

Why Your Business Needs Hidden Video

Candid Camera. Undercover Boss. Stealth recording doesn’t just make great reality television; it makes great business sense. Think about it: For every task an employee is trained for, every step of protocol, every aspect of your brand—you need a ground-level perspective to see if it’s actually working. With hidden video, you become the eyes and ears [...]

The Top 5 things Successful Mystery Shoppers Do!

Just about anyone can mystery shop; perform the shop, write a report, get paid. But, there is a difference between someone who just gets the job done and someone who is a successful mystery shopper. The difference isn’t how often you are doing it or how much you are getting paid. The difference is always quality. […]