Customer Service: Your Competitive Edge

When it comes to smart business methods, you’ll want to pay attention to keeping your customers happy. That’s because acquiring a new customer is not four, not five, but six to seven times more costly than customer retention (Salesforce).

7 Secrets of Customer Service

Customer service (or lack thereof) can make or break sales every day. That’s why we’re giving you this rundown of the seven secrets of customer service. Use it as a cheat sheet for your sales team, a training checklist for managers, or a practical to-do list for your colleagues today. Be thankful. It’s best to […]

Customer Service: Good vs. Great

This story was written about an actual shopper experience. “I visited [Large grocery chain] for the first time ever on Sunday and honestly answered “Can I help you find anything?” for the first time, and it was all due to simple body language. While my mom and I were walking down the first aisle, we were […]

How can a funeral home help my business?

The hospitality industry reaches far and wide. Whether it is a restaurant or a big box store or a funeral home, one thing reigns consistent: customers want to be treated fairly, professionally, and with respect.